Bill Broderick

Mountain Bear (aka Bill Broderick) paints in the sumi-e (black ink) tradition of Japan; and follows the Zenga style of Zen masters, monks, and others performing the spiritual exercise of no-mind to capture the essence of being with simple, bold, and spontaneous brushstrokes.  His lifetime interest in Zen and sumi-e painting began with his worldwide travels as a young man.  He later lived in Japan and Korea where he spent time with members of the Buddhist communities; but did not pick up the brush until much later in life, when he also joined the Puget Sound Sumi Artists.  His work has been exhibited in numerous regional venues, including Puget Sound Sumi Artists shows regionally, and in Japan and China.

One of Bill’s circles—Ensō—is the logo for Tacoma’s Asia Pacific Cultural Center.  Check online at for additional information.