Ching Ma

Ching Ma was also known as Ching Levy in her earlier art career.

She was born in Taiwan where she got her education and art appreciation. She won a calligraphy award in her teens. Strolling in the museums was and is one of her favorite things. Chinese aesthetic and Chinese philosophy have been the foundation of her art work.

Ching especially likes the endless possibility of Chinese ink work. She appreciates Chinese traditional paintings but she enjoys doing unconventional work, so called Modern Chinese paintings. After she moved to the states, the access to the Western art and western media provide her wider range of color and more freedom to put her thought in picture. To her, art is never-ending exploration and creating therefore she believes that no artist should dwell on one style. She is experimenting new techniques and approaches non-stop to give each of her paintings a meaning. Her media includes watercolor, ink, pastel, acrylic and oil. Currently she is experimenting splash acrylic on canvas to render her inner image of the nature.

She was a professional artist in Savannah, GA for 15 years. Her work was juried in Telfair Artfair of Telfair Museum of Art for 10 years. Film maker Ron Howard and Johnny Mercer family are among Ching paintings’ collectors. Right now, Ching’s work is presented by Fountainhead Gallery in Queen Anne, Seattle, WA.