Genevieve Ashford

Genevieve Ashford has lived in the Puget Sound area for most of her life, but has also traveled and lived in Thailand and Africa.  Although she now lives in West Seattle, the subject matter of her work has been influenced by her experience living, working and traveling abroad.
At Washington State University, she studied with Andrew Hoffmeister, and Keith Monahan.  In the twenty years since she began painting in a Sumi-e style she has studied with several prominent artists, including Elizabeth Kincaid, Andrew Chinn, Priscilla Maynard, and Fumiko Kimura.
A member of Puget Sound Sumi Artists (PSSA) since 1993, her work is frequently on display in Puget Sound area galleries.  In 1996, Genevieve traveled to Kyoto with a PSSA exhibit sponsored by the Kyoto International Cultural Center. She was the Exhibit Chair of major Sumi exhibits at the Washington State Convention Center in 1999 and 2004.  Beside P.S.S.A., Genevieve is a member of the Women Painters of Washington and a former member of the Art Stall Gallery in Seattle.