Sheila Scott

Sheila Scott is a Seattle painter with a degree in Fine Art and Secondary Education from the University of Washington.  Following a career as graphic artist, illustrator, and calligrapher in San Diego, California, she returned to Seattle and pursued the art of sumi-e, Asian ink painting.  For the past five years she has studied shuji (Japanese calligraphy) with sensei Pam Lee to enhance her painting skills in both sumi-e and oils.  The discipline and beauty of Asian calligraphy invites her to diligent practice and goal of ‘dancing with brush’.

Her themes reflect her love of the ocean and the desert as well as more traditional subjects.  The immediacy of the brushstroke and variety of effects attained with ink are endlessly fascinating to Sheila.  “Exploring the beauty and infinite possibilities of sumi-e has added an entire new dimension to my life as a painter”, she says.

She is recent past president of PSSA and an active member since 2001.  Her work has shown in galleries in Washington, California and Japan.