Sue Boettcher

The more I see, the more I learn about beauty in our environments.  Photography captures the immediate moment.  My art represents the reflection of what is captured in my eyes and on film.  My initial venture in art commenced in college, taking a ceramics class at Central Washington University.  I transferred to the University of Washington, focusing on a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene.  The four years consumed me, however I returned to ceramics, immediately after receiving my degree.  I attended classes at Bellevue Community College, continuing in ceramics, then photography, drawing and acrylics.  Photography sparked my interest in composition, as well as challenging me to put onto paper what I observed.  My work in acrylics and watercolor allowed me to explore the creativity to reflect striking images and then compose art pieces.  These mediums were my foundation. Next, I ventured into more watercolors with Joan Frey.  I gained an understanding that fluid movement is stimulating, yet mindful.
As I gained an understanding of Eastern philosophy and holistic health, I had to pursue Sumi painting.  During the summer of 2013 I returned to Bellevue College, where Yuming Zhu was the instructor for the Sumi Painting class.  I cannot get enough of this wonderful medium, the thoughtful strokes, the flow of inks on rice papers, and the visual eye to make a profound statement.
Currently, I play in a band, Stix & Stones, as the drummer / percussionist.   We play Classic Rock and love to entertain.  I fell into the role of being the artistic voice for the band.  I create the promotional posters, t-shirts and public notifications for the band. I play my drums to help me create art pieces for you to enjoy.
My works reflects the vibrancy of colors in nature. I strive for a compositional piece that has the juxtaposition of lights and darks, the hard and the soft, the yin and the yang.  I want my art to stimulate you, like your morning cup of coffee or the “ah-ha” moment.  I play drums to help me create the powerful images.  My art pieces are vibrant like music, drums