Ruku Matsumoto

Ruku Matsumoto was born in Nishinomiya, Japan, and studied studio art and art history in Japan and the United States. She has studied ink painting with Kanbayashi Ayaki in Tokyo, Japan, since 2003, and with Hirai Ryo in Kyoto, Japan, since 2010. Her paintings depict angels (tennyo) and bodhisattvas to express the unseen spiritual world. She is also a Reiki Master of the Komyo Reiki School, taught by Inamoto Hyakuten of Kyoto Japan.


JapanChina International Ink Painting Exhibition (selected), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, July 2004, July 2005, July 2018. Shinjin (New Artist) Prize, 2005 and 2018.

Heian Nangadan Ten (Heian Nanga Artists Exhibition), Kyoto City Art Museum Annex, June 2011June 2018 (seven times).

Nihon Nangain Ten (Japan Nanga Society Exhibition), Kyoto City Art Museum Main Hall, April 2011April 2016 (selected six times).