Yuming Zhu

Originally from Shanghai, China, Yuming began to study under the painting masters at the age of ten.  He blends the styles of the East and West into his oil, pastel and Chinese watercolor paintings.  Capturing the light and darkness of the European masters while combining the familiar and textured ink brush strokes found in Chinese painting and calligraphy, Yuming finds that his art keeps him “spiritually wealthy and healthy”.

Along with art, Yuming began a lifetime fascination with literature, mythology and philosophy. “Painting awakes the inner world of one’s wisdom.” “Painting is like poetry and music, yet a vision stimulation of the arousal of imagination and deep sensation of the ritual of life”. After he received his BA from China, he came to the States to study art and psychotherapy. His first solo art show was in 1989 at California State University, Sonoma, where he later earned a Master of Arts degree. He began a pursuit of helping others find their inner voice and expression through psychotherapy and his own artful expression grew in bounds. And, for the first time in his life, he began to learn that art can be not only an avocation, but a vocation as well.