Artists and PSSA

Join the Puget Sound Sumi Arstists On-line!  We are a valuable resource online.  All artists will benefit from what we offer online by joining us we will not only feature your artwork on but will promote it on our facebook page as well as listing classes and exhibits.

One of our goals is to help artists sell their artworks but the PSSA is a group of individuals that support each other where friendships are made and kept for many years to come.

Artists can be listed with link to their web site in our Artists Profile section.

Artists tend to be an isolated group, trying to keep up with the demands of their work.  Creativity blends well with solitude but can make things a bit lonely.  Joining an art group can help in many ways.  It can create a sense of community where other group members can support you, inspire you, critique you and in doing so it can be great for the psyches.

Join and see how it can benefit you today!

Here are a few reasons to join:

  1. We can help provide marketing for your artworks.
  2. Members can share business advice, such as how to set prices, how to get involved with show and exhibits, insurance issues, as many members have different levels of experience.
  3. Members can give you a fresh perspective and help to build confidence.
  4. If you get blocked, members can also give you inspiration and a fresh new outlook to help get you motivated.
  5. You get an overall well rounded look at many different artists and styles that give you constant feedback, support and  creativity to help you to new ever evolving heights.
  6. And, the phenomenal new friendships you'll make will help you feel more connected than every before.
  7. Connect with colleagues
  8. Attend exhibits, shows, classes