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Ann Gan

Artist Biography

Ann Gan was born in the rural town of DanShui in Taiwan. She started learning Chinese painting at age 10. As a free-spirited child, she spent a lot of time playing in the country fields and has so many precious memories of beautiful scenery. Painting was her favorite hobby through her teenage years.

Ann had a wide spectrum of interests that she studied Electrical Engineering in college/graduate school and worked in the software industry for 20 years. She retired in 2009 and started make painting her life-long devotion.

Ann’s goal for her artwork is to express her feelings when something touches her heart. She paints in ink and water color on rice paper and silk. Her favorite style of painting is Freehand (known as Xieyi in Chinese painting). She likes to catch the romantic charm of an object and express her spirit in simple strokes. Having lived here since 1998, she considers Seattle as her American hometown. She loves to paint the mountains, water, trees, fog, and flowers that Mother Nature provides to lucky Washingtonians.

Ann’s art work is shown year-round at Parklane Gallery in Kirkland. She has hosted several solo art shows and received multiple awards. You can purchase her art work at:

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