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Caroline Callender

Artist Biography

Caroline describes herself as a ‘middle aged home mom, horse woman and artist.”   She was raised in Washington state and is deeply connected to this land.  Caroline studied fine arts at the University of Washington and Industrial Design at Western Washington University, graduating in 1982.  She is a mother of 2 and lives in Bellevue, WA and rides her horse regularly at Bridle Trails State Park.

Caroline has been a Japanophile for her whole life and spent some years living in Tokyo.  She has long admired Sumi painting for its uniquely powerful way of expressing so much in such profoundly simple terms.  It is the honesty of the medium and its immediacy that fascinates her,  and how it is both an artform requiring years of practice and discarded attempts,  while at the same time it welcomes the fortuitous mistake.  Also,  the focus on line and fluidity are the perfect vehicle for portraying the action and energy inherent in horses in movement.

Caroline is mostly self-taught and often utilizes sumi ink in less traditional methods to paint commissioned portraits of horses , dogs and cats.  She finds the monochromatic effects of sumi ink often allow the viewer the greatest freedom in visualizing their own  beloved pet in each portrait.


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