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Ellen Miffitt

Artist Biography

Ellen Miffitt brings over forty years of artistic experience in the arts to her personal expression and art instruction. Growing up in rural Connecticut kept her close to the earth and nature. When ten years old, “paint by number” kit for a Christmas present started her art career. By mixing the paint and straying outside of the lines, she made that numbered canvas her own. While in high school she was encouraged by an aunt who dabbled in the arts to pursue developing her talent. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she started painting sumi-e in January of 2002 with Fumiko Kimura and registered “Nine lives Studio” in Oct. of 2002.

“As an artist I am constantly involved with that process of transformation: spirit to image on paper, mixing papers to create new textures, combining a variety of papers to create collage. The idea of mixing and blending different materials is exciting and a natural extension of sumi for me. Embossing metal to create texture, modeling precious metal clay to make jewelry and exploring other media are an outlet for my creativity.” Ellen received a B.S. (Art/Art Education) from Southern Connecticut State College and a M.S. (Art/Art Education) from Central Connecticut State University. Experienced in preparation and presentation of age appropriate activities, her lessons are designed to promote growth, develop new skills and build positive reinforcement. Currently her art classes for children and adults are presented locally in the South Puget Sound area.

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