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Lisa Leong-Tsang

Artist Biography

I have always tried to incorporate calligraphy as a design element into my artwork; it is my passion to share the beauty of written letters with the public and stress the importance of the written word. My first art classes began in my father’s studio. Wing Leong, a master Chinese brush artist (, nurtured my love of art. Wing learned Western calligraphy from Lloyd Reynolds. And I continued my study from Robert Palladino at Reed College, and since have studied from many wonderful teachers in traditional and contemporary methods. I also enjoy bookmaking, origami, mixed media, jewelry, asemic writing, collage, paper making, quilting, book and doll making (which are skills inspired my mother, Yet Sim Leong, who could make anything with fabric and yarn) as well as learning the ancient gilding techniques from early manuscripts.  I am the current president of the Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting, and member of other guilds and art groups which provide weekly and monthly challenges, collaborative books and art trades. Before my deep dive back into calligraphy, I was an anaplastologist and created realistic prosthetics for people missing parts of their body. In addition to teaching, I enjoy doing private commissions and live engraving events; I also play lots of pickleball. Some of my artist books are in special collections at Reed College, University of Washington, and Collins Library at University of Puget Sound. My goal is to inspire your appreciation of the lettering arts.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my work, please contact me at: [email protected], @lisaltsang on Instagram, Lisa Tsang on Facebook or online through the calligraphy guild website

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